GR!C Needs Recruitment & Volunteer Coordinators!

Jan 29th, 2015 by info | 0

Girls Rock! Chicago relies on the dedication and support of volunteers to make our camps happen. Want to be a part of our year-round, behind-the-scenes work? Consider applying for the volunteer positions of Recruitment Coordinator or Volunteer Coordinator!

The Recruitment Coordinator, a new role, will direct the preliminary recruitment of volunteers for camp through grassroots outreach. They will focus on building long-term relationships with racially diverse communities and volunteers. At camp, they will assist in the oversight and retention of volunteers. They will work closely with our Volunteer Coordinator. Learn more and apply here!

The Volunteer Coordinator will implement the recruitment of volunteers for camp. They will lead the creation and management of camp volunteer applications, training manuals, and documents. They will also lead the organization of volunteer training and appreciation events. At camp, they will ensure that all volunteer roles are filled or covered in the case of any absences. They will work closely with our Recruitment Coordinator. Learn more and apply here!

Questions? Email us at volunteer(at)girlsrockchicago(dot)org.

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