Year Round Volunteers

Feel The Year-Round Volunteer Love

It’s true that camp couldn’t happen without our amazing crew of camp week volunteers. But not everybody can make it to camp, and we need plenty of help with events, projects, and our brand new programs year round.

Program: Ladies Rock! Camp

Dates: Friday, February 17th to Monday, February 20th, 2017
Time Commitment: 3 – 8 hours per day for four days
Volunteer Roles Needed: Band Coaches, Instrument Instructors, Workshop Leaders, Roadies

Ladies Rock! Camp is a fundraiser for Girls Rock! Chicago’s summer camp. At this intensive weekend-long workshop, women, transgender (of any identity) and gender nonconforming folks ages 18 & up will follow a program similar to our summer camp. There are two primary four-day-long positions that volunteers fill during LR!C: band coaches and instrument instructors. We’ll also need roadies and workshop leaders.

Check out a sample schedule here

Program: Girls Rock! ShredShop

Dates: 01/21/2017, 03/12/2017, 04/22/2017, 05/14/2017
Time Commitment: 2 – 8 hours per month on one day
Volunteer Roles Needed: Workshop Leaders, Counselors

It’s finally here! GR!C is launching a weekend workshop series starting in January 2017. Once a month, GR!C will host a day of educational workshops and activities, including parent/child instrument lessons, all-ages shows, art and activism, DIY recording, and much more. We are looking for workshop leaders to co-develop curriculum and lead classes, as well as counselors to assist with child care, snacks, and other duties. This is a perfect volunteer opportunity for anyone who does not have weekday or summer availability!

Program: Josephinum After School Jam Club

Dates: Tuesdays from January – May 2017
Time Commitment: 1 – 2 hours per week on one day (3:45 PM – 5:45 PM)
Volunteer Roles Needed: Band Coaches, Instrument Instructors

We are partnering with Josephinum to pilot an after school program for Josephinum high school students beginning in January 2017. Students will learn instruments, form bands, and collaboratively write original songs with the help of a band coach and instrument instructor. Bands will perform and record their original songs at the end of the school year. Each position will require a commitment of one hour per week, but volunteers also have the option to volunteer in both roles for two hours per week. Please note that volunteers must be available for a minimum of fourteen out of the sixteen days in this program. If there are dates you are not available, please be sure to tell us before starting this program.

RETURNING VOLUNTEERS: Apply for any of these programs here!

NEW VOLUNTEERS: Sit tight, these opportunities will be open to you soon!

Want to contribute in another way? Email to see what else is coming up and find out how you can help. We’d love to have you!