Volunteers lead DJ Class

Photo by Kathleen Grant

Girls Rock! Chicago relies entirely on volunteers to staff our week-long summer camps, weekend-long ladies rock camp, as well as help with fundraising, outreach and events in the months leading up to camp. Past volunteers have done everything from working security shifts at summer music festivals, to teaching drums at camp and photographing our End-of-Camp Extravaganza performance. Whatever your talents, chances are there’s a niche for you at Girls Rock! Chicago.



There are three primary, week-long positions that volunteers fill during camp week: counselors, band coaches, and instrument teachers. Each plays a vital role and we ask that you only apply to these positions if you are serious about making a commitment to the entire week of camp.

Can’t be there all week? There are also multiple part-time positions available including everything from snack delivery to presenting hour-long workshops. Please contact our Program Coordinator, Jess LeMaster, if you’re interested in presenting a workshop: jess@girlsrockchicago.org.

Girls Rock! Chicago welcomes all volunteers who are women, transgender (of any identity), and/or gender non-conforming, to apply for camp-week positions.  We are committed to providing a safe space for everyone, as well as educating staff, volunteers, and community members in order to create an inclusive environment for all. Positions outside of camp week are open to everyone.

To be considered for a camp week volunteer role, all applicants must:

  • Participate in a brief interview with a GR!C staff member
  • Attend a mandatory Volunteer Orientation session
  • Review the Volunteer Manual
  • Complete a criminal background check & a check against the Illinois DCFS Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System
A volunteer leads Keys class

Photo by Kathleen Grant

Looking for Volunteer Opportunities Outside of Camp Week?

If you can’t commit to camp week itself, don’t worry—we still need you! Whether you can help  spread the gospel of GR!C from behind a booth at a music festival, or just showing up to support the girls when they rock out at their End-of-Camp Performance Extravaganza, we truly value your support.

Check out our page of current and ongoing volunteer opportunities and GET INVOLVED NOW, or email volunteer@girlsrockchicago.org anytime to see what’s coming up and find out how we can use your help.

We’ll also love you if can donate gear (new or used); donate T-shirts, art supplies or other crafty gems for camp-week activities; host a benefit show, or a fundraising event at your place of business; or just make a donation in any amount — because every dollar counts!