Become a Workshop Leader for GR!C!

Girls Rock! Chicago is looking for workshop facilitators for our 2018 camp season! Come share your amazing skills and experience with our campers. It’s a great way to get involved if you have limited free time– we ask for an hour-long commitment at a minimum!

Workshops are one of the key pieces of curriculum that GR!C offers and they are a special opportunity to explore a wide variety of topics such as:
Songwriting, Sound & Recording, Improvisation, Music Video, Power/privilege/oppression, Youth organizing, AND MORE!

Interested in facilitating your own workshop? Email us at for more details or fill out one of the forms linked below.

Single Workshop Application: This is an application to propose a single workshop that could fit into the core workshop track or one of the specialized workshop tracks.

Track Workshop Application: This year, our campers aged 12-16 will be able to choose a curated series of 4 workshops regarding one topic, or a workshop track. This is an application to propose a track for which you would be the Track Coordinator. Being a track coordinator doesn’t mean you have to teach the workshops yourself. You can find other folks to help you if you need and you’ll receive a stipend for all of your hard work this year!